Unknown Story

Updated: 10/4/2021
Unknown Story

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  • come on, come on!! Don't be sad, i Will be back in six months.
  • You, meanwhile, take care of the ranch. Now you are the man of the house.
  • you, take this.
  • Martin Fierro is in his house and gives it one Last look. He have to go to the frontier, so he is living every thing back. His family come in, to say good bye.
  • to you, "The Three Marias"
  • And he gives his knife to his oldest child.
  • And all of you, take good care of your mom.
  • He ties the kerchief around his second son's neck.
  • oh how am i gonna miss this
  • He gives his third son the Boleadora
  • Before he goes he say goodbay to his children, and he Kiss his wife.
  • Finally Martin Fierro gets on the and goes to the frontier.
  • tap tap tap tap tap tap tap...........