Updated: 6/9/2020

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  • The Day After During Lunchtime...
  • The Next Day...
  • I gave you two packets yesterday.
  • Boys! What do you think you're doing! Stop smoking now and come with me. You are in big trouble!
  • Okay fine. I feel like one too. Here catch.
  • Fred, I really need a smoke before my exam.
  • Sir! It's not what it looks like! My parents are going to kill me!
  • I know but I finished one and forgot the other in my drawer and you always have some.
  • Psst. Teacher coming!
  • I'm sorry mum. Fred told me it relieves stress and told me many people do it. I couldn't help it and tried one. I had a major exam today and was so stressed out. I thought it was ok to have one but it relieved my stress and then I bought a packet and then another one...before i knew it i was hooked!
  • I promise I'll stop!
  • Principal Alfred
  • This behavior is unacceptable and i want him to take a few days off school.
  • Mrs Wilson, i am afraid your son has been caught smoking in the boys toilets with another boy called Fred!
  • Thank you for bringing this to my attention Principal Alfred. We will discuss this matter at home and he will miss school tomorrow.
  • What? Why Jack! I told you not to be near smokers and certainly not to partake in smoking!
  • Okay mum, I am very sorry.
  • Well Jack, firstly you knew that I loathe smoking. You can't afford to give into peer pressure. Do you even know the health effects smoking has on you? I am so disappointed in you!Your iPad, PlayStation and phone are banned! In the meantime, whilst you're at home we will need to find you healthy alternatives so you can quit smoking. And your dad will hear about this too!
  • We will go to your room and discuss further...
  • Every morning before school I will be checking on you to see how you are feeling and if you are sneaking cigarettes to school. Also do not get any from Fred or I will tell the Principal. If he asks you to have one, be assertive and state why not okay? And I will put you in an X smoker committee for you to understand how dangerous it is.
  • So, since you are addicted to smoking and nicotine, we will need to get you nicotine patches to get you off it and stop you fro feeling the urge to have one. You will need to be active, stay hydrated, eat healthy food, chew gum , keep yourself entertained and do things around the house, be relaxed, listen to music and don't think about smoking at all.
  • Okay mum.
  • As you start to develop a smoking habit, like what you did, you develop heart disease from increased heart rate and blood pressure, poisoning, your teeth and fingers turn yellow, your immunity levels drop, become unfit and lose sense of smell and taste
  • Over the long run, you start to develop cancers and many diseases that could kill you or affect your life. Including lung, stomach, throat and mouth cancers. An that's not all my son.
  • Jack, I'm not trying to scare you but you have to know the consequences of smoking.
  • Smoking can affect you socially and economically. If you are a smoker and not careful of your money, you could go bankrupt and usually if you smoke, you have to take brakes off work meaning less income! Socially, you cannot smoke wherever you like, it has to be away from people in designated areas. And smoking affects your mood a lot Jack, and you may not feel yourself and make poor decisions and may not be accepted into various peer groups.
  • Wow! Mum I am thankful you told me all of this and I promise I won't smoke ever again.
  • No thanks, I'm all good actually. Smoking doesn't relieve stress, it releases chemicals into your mind thinking you are relaxed but really you're not. I know all the affects of smoking and I most certainly do not want to smoke. We can still be friends I just don't want to smoke.
  • A few Days Later...
  • Hey Jack! You haven't been at school, must be stressed out, here have a cigarette.
  • Oh okay then. I am still going to smoke, but I won't force you to smoke anymore You are you and you decide what you want to do.
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