Unknown Story

Updated: 3/21/2021
Unknown Story

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  • On Night Street
  • "Poppy where are you!?"
  • A Message Full of Holes
  • "Poppy what is that in your hand?"
  • "I can't find it!"
  • Lizzie's Groceries
  • "Lizzie where did you get those cans?"
  • While Lina was buying color pencils from Looper's shop Poppy had left the shop and a blackout happend. Lina didn't realize that Poppy had left the shop and Poppy had gotten lost during the longest blackout.
  • The Singing
  • "Yeah! We're going to take you to the mayor!"
  • "Hey! Leave Me Alone!"
  • While Granny was looking for something Granny gave Poppy a box that had a peice of paper. It turns out Poppy was chewing on a peice paper. The peice of paper was the instructions.
  • A World Of light
  • Once Lina saw Lizzie come out of the supply depot with a bag she wanted to know what was in the bag. Lizzie tripped and fell on the ground and Lina saw what was in the bag.
  • The Last Message
  • "I didn't know that we lived undergoround our whole lives."
  • "I never knew that the City of Ember was located underground either."
  • When the gaurds caught Lina and had to take her to the Mayor.
  • "Ma'am you're going to have to come with us!"
  • While Lina, Doon and Poppy were walking down the path they saw a notice that was a framed sign bolted to a stone. The sign was talking about how they are going to have to be prepared for a long journey.
  • As soon as Doon and Lina had reached land they realized that there was a tunnel that was underground. Once they reached the end of the tunnel they realized that the City of Ember was underground.