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Story Board
Updated: 9/14/2020
Story Board
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  • Columbus
  • Land ahead! We have finally arrived in India!
  • Cortes
  • Pindea
  • He arrives in the new world, he thinks that he has landed in India, however he discovered present day America. His accomplishments were that he discovered a viable trading route, he led the first expeditions in central and South America.
  • Cabeza De Vaca
  • This was the worst trip EVER!
  • Cortes explored present day Mexico. His accomplishments were that he took down the Aztec Empire, he discovered gold, and silver. He clashed with natives along the coast.
  • Coronado
  • Pindea was the first European explorer to map and explore Texas. He was sent to discover or find water passage to orient.
  • La Salle
  • De Vaca is known for the disastrous journey to the new world, including a shipwreck, loss of his entire expedition, his fall into slavery, and his limited exploration.
  • Coronado was known for discovering major landmarks, like the Grand canyon, Colorado river. He was seeking for gold and to spread the word of God. He ended up killing many native Americans for not converting. Ironic right?
  • Over the hill, there is a giant canyon!
  • La Salle was a french explorer who established a french colony by the mouth of the Mississippi river. La Salle's presence did alarm the Spanish who tried to keep the french out of the new world. La Salle had bad relations with the Natives.
  • Wonderful place to build a colony!
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