Water Cycle
Updated: 3/12/2020
Water Cycle

Storyboard Text

  • "Wait a minute! Lila, we're moving, finally! I wonder where we're going," I say when we finally get swept up in another current and get carried to the ocean. "Dewy!" Lila screams. Either she's way too excited, or she way too scared. I bet it's the second one. I'm wrong. "This is so cool! We are in the ocean! You know what we could do here? We could play limbo, or swim with the dolphins. Or, even surf with the waves!" Lila is officially going crazy. But, thankfully before she goes nuts, we start to move again. "Phew," I say. "For a second there I actually thought you were gonna explode." Lila sighs. Maybe she really was excited. "Its super hot here. I kinda wish we were clouds again. At least there, we weren't melting. Freezing, yes. Melting, no," Layla says. She's right though.
  • We're finally moving!
  • We're at the beach! This is so cool!
  • It's like we're evaporating. Oh, no. We're changing into a gas. As we float up to become clouds, I notice that it get cold again. But, not like before. It's colder than before. It's like we're in Antarctica. Don't worry, we are not in Antartica. I know we are condensed, but it's somehow colder. And I know why. We are becoming clouds above a glacier. I hope we don't become rain and fall on the glaciers. Glaciers are slow and so boring. Just my luck, guess what happens. When me and Lila are finally heavy enough, we fall to the glacier as snow. I know most people say the water cycle is the best thing that could ever happen to water. And, for the most part it is. But, it's those tiny parts that are super boring. Like being stuck on glacier. To be honest, it's not that cold anymore. It's actually getting a little hot.
  • You know why it's getting hot? Because we're melting! There was a river by the glacier, we started to go into its flow, but was carried to a different river. When we get there, we started to flow into another river. This is getting tiring. But luckily, we stopped and ended up in the river that I wanted to live at. And, it turns out, Lila's cousin lives there too. So, she wants to stay. I'm glad me and Lila went through the water cycle. It was super exciting. I will never forget that feeling. That is, until I go through the water cycle again, because, let's face it. The water cycle is a never ending cycle that water goes through. I like it here, and I think I might stay here. It's my new home, sweet home.