Updated: 3/4/2021

Storyboard Text

  • why do i have to go talk to them!? i already met them!
  • Cant i go help the guys? They cant even use the milking machine!
  • GO Greet them! Im not sure they feel welcome yet so you should try to make them feel welcome.
  • No you're going to go and talk to them! not even for long just go say hi, oh and give them these old clothes.
  • Yes you were!
  • Im Ofie --And my names luby
  • were from Carolina del Norte
  • don't tell him that!
  • I wasnt going to say it!
  • But not Mari, shes from Me-
  • Mom they're not from here there not supposed to be here! we have to tell some one
  • So don't tell anyone outside the farm if you want us stay here.
  • Now go to your room. Me and your dad need to talk
  • No! I know theyre not but if you want to stay on the farm they have to stay a secret with out them we would have to sell the farm!