Dog Trig
Updated: 5/8/2020
Dog Trig

Storyboard Text

  • Turtle is dog and he loves to play with his squeaky toy. His owner is planning on going on a trip and Turtle is going with he. Turtle wants to take his toy with him and spots it on the table. Turtle is standing 5 ft away from the table, looking at his toy at an angle of 10 degrees.
  • Using trig, Turtle needs to figure out how high he has to jump to get his toy. Tan(10)x5= 3.24 Turtle concluded that he would need to jump 3 ft to get his toy. Turtle decided to leave the toy alone.
  • Turtle sees a squirrel 200 feet below the plane as plane was taking off at an angle 63 degrees. Turtle wonders how far away the plane is from the squirrel so it wont get hit.
  • Using trig, Turtle figured out the distance between the plane and the squirrel. Sin63 = 200/h -> h x sin63 = 200 -> h = 200/sin63 -> h = 224.47.
  • Turtle is standing 21 ft away from a tree and sees a cat staring at him 30 ft down. He wonders the angle from which the cat is staring at him.
  • Turtle decided to use trig to figure out the angle. cos 0 = 21/30 -> cos-1 (21/30) = 0 -> 46 = 0. Turtle concluded that the cat was looking at him at an angle of 46 degrees
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