Scientific Revolution
Updated: 1/28/2020
Scientific Revolution
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  • This is an insider of a therapy session including; Sir Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle, Louis Pasteur, and Marie Curie. This is the first session of the month of July.
  • Welcome to the theraphy sesh.. introduce your self
  • These kats look LAMEE
  • Nd xplaiin what you hope to achieve today. alright? kewl
  • and get my feelings off my chest so I can hopefully focus
  • (quietly) Um, Hi. My name is Marie Curie and I hope to gain confidence
  • more on my studies of radioactivity and
  • and so i can continue my work as a physicist and chemist
  • Im Robert, Robert Boyal, I am here because my boss said I am cocky. I mean who wouldnt be... if you invented a vaccum pump, was a philosipher, chemisist, and physist you would be bragging about all of your accomplishments too duh.
  • if I can relieve stress and talk about my problems I will feel better and can resume my research.
  • Mathematician and I am the creator of the Laws of Motion. I am here because I feel like
  • Im Sir Isaac Newton and I have fallin terribly ill due to my compulsive research. I am a well known Physicists and
  • Hello my fellow brothers and sister in christ
  • and i continue to pray for wisdom so i can continue to learn new information to help other life a better life
  • i am blessed to have discovered of principles of vaccination.
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