Updated: 2/21/2021

Storyboard Text

  • 3. Great, I'll send an email to the agency representative, some co-work immersion student, the complainant and the respondent to conduct an investigation and to clarify and make sure to balance the situation
  • He is Yno, Grade 12 student and currently on a work immersion in the SSS agency. Due to his consequent tardiness, he was given a warning and today was his last warning, Unfortunately, he didn't follow and come to work late again.
  • 3. I understand Sir Niko, I'll wait for the notice sir and act accordingly
  • 1. Yno, I've called you because we have to deal with your violation of punctuality, as far as we know we gave the warnings and written reminders to you
  • 2. I've already send an email to the facr finding comittee of your University for the deliberation of your performances for the meean time
  • As soon as the Fact Finding Committee of the University in work Immersion, received and read the complain against the student, they gather immediately to talk over and know the process of the violation and its corresponding sanction
  • Maam, you can refer to this documents, this are the approved documents to be past to you while you're assessing the situation, if there's anything we could do help, just tell us.
  • 2. Indeed, but before jumping into his sanction, we must first gather facts about the situation, such as his proof of his attendance and performance or the people in his workplace
  • 1.As you all know, we've received a complain from one of our partners and its regarding to the punctuality of our work immersion student
  • Thank you so much, I'll contact you if I need to ask you again. You can go back to work already
  • Sir Ed was the one incharge to investigate the perfomance of Yno from the co-work immersion student of Yno.
  • Our duty starts at 7:30 in the morning, but Sir Niko gave us until 8:00 so that we could still prepare, Yno for the past weeks was late 5-10 minutes after 8:00, we heard that Sir niko gave him a warning but I just don't know why Yno is still late.
  • Maam Ela and Maam Cely talk to one of the agency representative and the represnetative gave all the documents such as the record of time in, the evaluation form and the cctv footages
  • Thank you so much, I'll contact you if I need to ask you again. Thank you again.