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Updated: 4/1/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Imperialism: Countries also began to feel competitive about the amount of territory there country possessed which was just another thing that made them want to be better than other countries
  • Europe before the war: European countries were imperializing other countries and the countries were very competitive about everything
  • Well we don’t like that so we’ll probably rebel.
  • No
  • Oh well we’re gonna do it anyways.
  • Hey do you guys wants us to lead?
  • Militarism: this led to war because countries got so paranoid they continued to build their militaries. Countries also wanted to show off their militaries so they were more inclined to go war.
  • Nationalism: all of the countries wanted to prove to each other that they are the best so when the chance to show off in war they didn’t hesitate
  • We need bigger stuff them
  • Look at all the cool guns and soldiers we have
  • What if they attack us with those?
  • We’re actually getting even bigger guns
  • Allies: an alliance is when two countries agree to help each other in war. This leads to bigger wars because when one country gets involved in a war than its allie has to get involved as well and this happens with both sides of the war.
  • The start of world war 1: a rebel group from Serbia, The Black Hands, killed the leader of A-H Franz Ferdinand causing war between Serbia and A-H and all the other countries soon got involved.
  • Hey Italy if you help us in war we’ll help you
  • I need allies to help me if they have them
  • Ok sounds good to me
  • Militarism
  • I just imperialized a new country so I have a lot of new territory and resources.
  • I want my country to have more than his so I need more territory
  • No we are!
  • No us!
  • We’re the best
  • Serbia
  • Ok cool.
  • You killed our leader so we are going to war.
  • Declaration of war
  • Austria-hungary
  • Serbia being imperalized