nathans storyboard
Updated: 1/27/2020
nathans storyboard
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  • I had gotten a letter saying that our adventure to the Americas was ready I was so happy that day but who would have known what we would encounter. we will be sailing on the caravel that way we can travel faster we are sailing to find gold in nearby land that is called Florida
  • first day we are about to head out on our voyage we have about 50 people on our ship and more coming but there are some things we need to look out for. Crack-ens, mermaids, and a animal that shoots water out of its for head.
  • we saw something strange in the water on our 20th day its pretty big but that's not our only concern we have about 13 sick people on our ship and there's only 46 of us left.
  • Hernando DE Soto 1500-1542born in Spain
  • we made it to Florida surprisingly we have 30 people left we are thinking of going farther into the Americas but we'll see we didn't have enough space on the ship for an auto mobile an auto mobile helps you get around faster by its engine
  • we have built a civilization in Florida and we have traveled all across the Americas
  • Hernando DE Soto died on 1542
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