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Math 2020 vol.2
Updated: 5/20/2020
Math 2020 vol.2
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  • To School and Beyond
  • I've been wondering for the longest time the diagonal length of the school doors. They are 8 ft tall with an angle of elevation of 20.5 degrees. The diagonal length is 8.5ft using cos
  • So I want to know what the diagonal length of my desk. it is 14in by 20in with an angle of depression of 44.4 degrees.The length is 24.4 in. using sin
  • I wonder what the angle between the diagonals are? The sidewalk is in squares of 4ft by 4ft with diagonals 4√2. The angles of elevation are 45 degrees, using sin-1
  • What is the diagonal length of the field? My coach told me it was 82m by 50m. As well as having an angle of depression of 58.62 degrees.The diagonal length is 94.34 after using sin.
  • What is the widthof the penalty box? I know it is 30 yds long and has a angle of depression of 53.1 degrees. Using TAN, the width of the penalty box is 24
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