Macbeth part 2
Updated: 6/12/2020
Macbeth part 2

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  • Sorry but my husband told me and he is the CEO's personal assistance. So he basically planned the day and time. Oh and he also told me that Macbeth is on his way, apparently his phone died so he couldn't call and tell you himself.
  • I love you, but are you insane! Macbeth would've told me in advance so I could prepare if the CEO was coming. This makes no sense!
  • So I see the CEO is coming after all… Since my husband believes in the supernatural I’m calling upon the demons that serve murderous plans through this ouiji board. I need you to possess me and make me more of a demon. I need no more of this human compassion. I’m counting on you to help me serve evil.
  • The great COO of Glamis! The worthy COO of Cawdor! But soon you will be higher than both of those when you become CEO! It feels like the future we dreamed of is finally here!
  • Thanks Hun. Anywaysthe CEO and some co-workers are on their way for dinner. However it looks like a snow storm is about to occur, so they might be staying with us for the night.
  • Lady Macbeth
  • Servin leaves and Lady Macbeth goes to her room. She takes out her Ouiji board.
  • Macbeth comes home and Lady Macbeth goes to talk to him.
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