IB Biology muscle storyboard

Updated: 5/19/2020
IB Biology muscle storyboard

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  • OMG!! YAY!Ok what's my first question?
  • Welcome!! You are our next contestant on Biology Games!!
  • Oh perfect I was just studying this!! A striated muscle has many parts. There is the nucleus, sarcolemma, mitochondria, sarcoplasm reticulum, and the myofibril
  • Your first question is... What are the parts of a striated muscle??
  • The single skeletal muscle cell is multi-nucleated, with nuclei all along the edges. The sarcolemma which are muscle fiber cells are held together by the plasma membrane.
  • You will need to further explain to get the points...
  • There are many mitochondria in a striated muscle because of the high demand of ATP. The sarcoplasm reticulum is a specialized type of endoplasmic reticulum that stores calcium ions and pumps them out into the sarcoplasm when the muscle fibers are stimulated.
  • Please continue
  • And finally the myofibrils which are are the basic rod-like contractile units with a muscle cells. Myofibrils are grouped together inside muscle cells, which are known as muscle fibers.
  • Yes, finally answer.
  • Is this your final answer?
  • YAY! I knew all that studying would pay off!