Cellular Respiration

Updated: 10/15/2020
Cellular Respiration

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Red do you know how we make ATP
  • Is it a long Process?
  • Well not really Brown Cellular Respiration allows for Glucose to be used as energy
  • It produces 6 moles of Carbon Dioxide 6 Water Moles and Energy of course
  • Glycolosis is the breaking up of glucose to pyruvic acids. This occurs in the cytoplasm
  • Then what is glycolisis and what happens?
  • The by-products of glycolosis are then entered into the kreps cycle that require oxygen
  • During glycolosis and krebs cycle we take NAD+ and then we add hydrogen to make NADH which drives our next stage called electron transport cycle
  • NADH from NAD+ bring electrons to the electron transport chain that creates hydrogen ions in the inter membrane of mitochondria
  • And then?
  • Wait! you forgot about ATP Sythase
  • Woah slow down I was getting there. The ATP sythase uses the energy to complete the phsphoralation of ADP to ATP
  • ADP is formed when phosphate from ATP is lost
  • Wow Red thanks for telling me
  • Anytime brown!