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Updated: 6/4/2020
Storyboard Creation

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  • Exposition
  • Hi Reilly!! What should we do?
  • Hey Dee, let's just talk and hangout!
  • Conflict
  • I don't know, let's see what it is.. AHHHHHH
  • What is that??AHHHHHHHHHH
  • Rising Action
  • W-Where are we??
  • I-I-I don't know! But how did we get here? *looks at magic ball* We got here because of this! How will we get home? *cries*
  • The setting is in Boston, MA where there are two girls, Reilly : the goofy, smart, and blonde one, and Deanna, the extra goofy, innocent, and the red-headed one. Deanna had gone to Reilly's house where they had hung out for a little while.
  • Climax
  • Reilly don't worry, we'll find a way! Come on, let's see the 1700s and explore!
  • We're stuck here! *cries* How will we get back home?
  • Fear not, I shall help you. *takes the ball* Hmmm. Stand back girls, you will be teleported back to your homes.
  • Hi girls, may I help you?
  • While Reilly and Dee were hanging out, they see a tiny ball in which they touched. Suddenly, something happens.
  • Falling Action
  • Uh yes, we time traveled because of this magic ball and we can't go home!
  • The girls have arrived but not at their homes. It was a weird place, they were wearing weird clothes when they realized they were in the 1700s all due to that magic ball.
  • Resolution
  • The girls have finally realized that they were stuck in Boston and had no place, no home, to go to. But they knew that they were going to solve this problem!
  • The girls have seen a shop in which they enter in. They find a man that helped them go back home. The girls were so excited and could not wait!
  • Yayy! Thank you so much sir!
  • Yes, thank you!
  • The girls had teleported back to their house and were extremely exhausted. They had learned not to touch that magic ball again and were off to better things.
  • We're back home!
  • *both giggle*
  • It's been a loooong day..