The mind matters

Updated: 6/14/2020
The mind matters

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  • Hey man, its really late are you alright?
  • Yeah I'm fine. Do you think somethings wrong?
  • It's just that I haven't seen you a lot lately and you have been up late a lot.
  • Yeah there is now that I think about it, I have been really stressed about the exams and I really don't know how to handle it.
  • Also my parents have been coming down on me to get my grades up so I really want to do well in the tests, but it's a lot of work and i'm really feeling the heat.
  • According to BeyondBlue(2020) the best way to help a friend with anxiety is to ask them about what is going on and if they are okay.
  • Tomorrow I think you should see a counsellor.
  • Are you sure, I don't think my problem is too bad to go to them, and i'm not sure I want to talk to a stranger either
  • BeyondBlue(2020) also states that it helps that if you listen to your friends experiences and causes for the anxiety you can more easily relate to their situation. The website also says that if you just listen and don't say anything judgemental it can be very reassuring to the recipient.
  • So you are here to discuss you're anxiety?
  • The next day, at the counsellor
  • Yes
  • Similarly to the last panel listening to your friend can be reassuring to them and can show them you care about them without saying anything. BeyondBlue(2020) says that you do not need to know all the answers to be able to help them seek help or help themselves.
  • Welcome back, this week we are going to check on how you are going.
  • The next week, at the counsellor
  • Okay.
  • BeyondBlue(2020) says that you shouldn't try to force your friend into going to help but they may need a bit of encouragement. The article also states that going with a friend to a professional can help them feel more at ease when they are at the counsellor.
  • Don't worry, i'll come with you, it'll be alright.
  • Thanks
  • The therapeutic technique of changing the thoughts around your concerns is called cognitive behaviour therapy or CBT and it has been proven to significantly help relieve symptoms of anxiety according to the BetterHealthChannel(2020), ( a VIC government site). Some techniques that therapists use when using CBT are recognising the difference between helpful and unhelpful stress as well as letting go of the stress that the patient has been receiving
  • We are going to talk about what's bothering you and then show you how to overcome the stress you are feeling, not by medication but by changing your thoughts
  • Going to therapy is not a one-stop-shop where you just leave and feel 100% better, you have to go consistently to really get more emotionally healthy. An article on Talkspace(2019) tells us that it is important to consistently go to the therapist to feel better because then we associate it with our schedule and don't go back to our old habits after a few weeks