Creating a Stable food supply
Updated: 11/8/2020
Creating a Stable food supply

Storyboard Text

  • Establishing Communities
  • Yes Nick, I do recall that. Having to get done some much between you and only a few people. It was the worse.
  • Hey Nel, Remember when we never create communities
  • Hey Nick, How about you tell them about a thing that's changed!
  • Sure Nel, One thing that has changed is that we can now get a lot more stuff done in a shorter period of time
  • of course, another change is that we now have a chance to decorate and make our lives happier.
  • Nel how about you tell them another change.
  • Nick can you explain why having food important
  • Food was important to have because It allowed us to have a lot more time on our hands.
  • now will live longer lives because people are no longer getting hurt hunting.
  • Nel can you explain one last reason why having food was important.