Unknown Story

Updated: 10/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • "God created the first human being with the help of the moon. God kneaded the body out of clay. Then God covered it with skin and the end God poured blood into it. God called the first human Baatsi."
  • The Forbidden fruit
  • God: "Beget many children, but to impress upon the children the following rule: from all trees you may eat, but not from the Tahu tree"
  • "Baatsi had many children and he made them obey the rule. When he became old he retired to heaven. His children obeyed the rule and when they grew old they too retired to heaven.But one day a pregnant woman was seized with an irresistible desire to eat the fruit of the Tahu tree."
  • Woman: Honey? Can you go down to to Tahu tree and get me some fruit?Man: Are you serious it dangerous and against the rules!Woman: Please I need it!Man: Fine!!
  • He crept into the forest at night, picked the Tahu fruit, peeled it, and hid the peel in the bush. But moon had seen him, and she told God what she had seen.God was so angry with humans that he sent death as a punishment to men.
  • "God created the tortoise (turtle), men and stones. Of each he created male and female. God gave life to the tortoises and men, but not to the stones. Noen could have children, and when they became old they did not die but became young again!"
  • Tortest, Man, and Stone
  • hi
  • Tortes: "God can you please give me children it all i want."God: " I have given you life but I have not given you permission to have children!" Tortes: " Please, all I want is a kid."God: " You realize that when the living have kids they must die?"Tortes: "Then let me see my children then let me die."
  • "When man saw that the tortoise had children, he too wanted children. God warned man, as he had the tortoise, that he must die."
  • Man: "Then let me have my children the die."
  • "That is how death and children came into the world.Only the stones didn’t want to have children, so they never die!"
  • Rock: " Tee Hee!!!"