it's Element-ary
Updated: 2/15/2020
it's Element-ary
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  • Hello!!! Do you still remember me, I'm Chromium or you guys can call me "Cr"(my symbol) and I'm 24 years old (my Atomic number). As you can tell from my name, chromium is classified as a metal and their atomic mass is 51.
  • I know everything about the element Chromium, i think is my favorite, i know that is a solid and the electronegativity is normal since is 1.7
  • Also they shared their electrons easily just like how i share things with my friends.
  • Here are my cousins, their name is Molybdenum and Tungsten
  • Hello my name is Molybdenum, you can call me Mo or don't call me anything
  • Hello my name is Tungsten but you can call me W which is my middle name
  • Chromium loves to share electron and since the element is considered as Metal than that make them an ionic bond. Also they are also considered polar because nonmetal have higher electronegativity than metals.
  • I know get why my parents call me "Chromium", my life is exactly related to the element
  • Our friendship name is Chromium (II) Oxide just like how we names our company
  • Chromium likes to share, and sometimes she would let me borrow her phone and sometime we would exchange and keep for a while.
  • This is my very best friend Oxygen, we have been BFF since 3rd grade and we still hang out together
  • Chromium do you wanna swim?
  • I'm exactly as Chromium, they are insoluble with water even if they are with other compounds.
  • No thanks, Me and oxygen hate swimming and i don't even know how to swim at all
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