China Comic Book (Part 2)
Updated: 12/19/2019
China Comic Book (Part 2)
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  • Bye, son, I will see you when you get home!
  • Bye, dad!
  • Ok, I'm joining the Red Guard.
  • Mao Zedong told us that we need to destroy the four olds!
  • Son, what are you doing?
  • After it was all over, Qiang started going to school and learned about Mao Zedong, despite all the horrible things he did.
  • This person did a bad thing
  • HAHA, stupid bad guy!
  • At school, Qiang learned all about how great Mao is and how he set everyone free. He also learned he is giving any child who is part of the government group, the Red Guards, permission to raid and destroy homes in order to get rid of the four olds.
  • Hello everyone, my name is Deng Xiaoping, your new president. Don't worry, everyone, the Red Guard is gone!
  • We can now live our lives like normal!
  • Right now, we will try to modernize China and make it better!
  • Open the borders, we are allowing foreign businesses to come into the country and sell here, though they need to pay some taxes to do so.
  • Qiang went home, and completely went crazy. He ran around, destroying everything that included the four olds in sight. After the destruction, he ran away, never to be seen by his father again.
  • We will advance our agriculture and have private land.
  • We need to send out some students in order to educate our country.
  • But... You can only have one child because of overpopulation.
  • We will also tax foreign businesses to expand our military.
  • Wait... What?
  • After the tragic loss of his son as well as the chaos that had followed...
  • Mao Zedong died in 1976, the Red Guard disbanded and were sent into the countryside, and a new leader, Deng Xiaoping was elected. He promised the country that everything would get better, and created the Four Modernizations. All of this promise and hope made everyone, including Peng, gain hope about the future.
  • Finally! Things might be turning around in my life!
  • The Four Modernizations included advancements in Agriculture, Industry, Science and Technology, and Military. Despite all these advancements, another law was created so that people could only have one child to reduce overpopulation. This made most people slightly uneasy, but hopeful for the future.
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