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Updated: 10/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Albrecht Kossel is a German biochemist in study of genetics. He was a research scientist under Hoppe Seyler.
  • Hi this is Kossel , my field of work is physiological chemistry. I started my investigation on cell nucleus and further studied about proteins and their alternatives .
  • Hoppe's research was based on concerning an acidic substance that has been firstly isolated.
  • Yes Mr.Hoppe but these doesnt look like other cellular substance which we already came through
  • these acidic substance consists of considerable amount of phosphorous, but with high acidity.
  • In the course of the next decades evidence accumulated to show that “Nucleïn” or “nucleic material” is indeed peculiar to the cell nucleus.
  • Yes, this substance called nuclein consists of protein component and non-protein component.