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Mazen - Hamlet page 1
Updated: 3/15/2020
Mazen - Hamlet page 1
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  • Long shot of the launch pad. Diagetic sound of the rocket taking off (a loud, deafening blast). Natural light - it is a sunny day.
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  • The Parachute for King Hamlet is cut and there is a hole in his helmet he has to die NOW!!!
  • Long shot of rocket. Natural Lighting- Sun shining past earth The rocket is leaving earth atmosphere and heading into space towards the new planet the was discovered and they were supposed to explore together
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  • Take your helmet before you jump we are jumping from space in to the planet
  • Close up of Space shuttle Rocket. Natural lighting- darkness in space. the first rocket that was used to propell the rocket ship into space was detached and satellite probe was launched into the Geosynchronous orbit area of the new planet
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  • Zooming into the helmet, Natural Light- Darkness this is the science room for the space plane that was used and shows King Hamlets helmet that was tampered with by claudius with a hammer
  • camera zooms in on the parachute that was cut and placed under a seat from hamlets parachute bag. Claudius got hamlets helmet from the science room and was giving it to hamlet angrily and speaks to hamlet.
  • The camera follows king Hamlet Natural lighting- Darkness Diagetic Sound Of explosion and Hamlet screaming they jumped and flew past the satellite as the rocket that was used for the space shuttle to fly closer to the planet without fuel exploded unexpectedly and king hamlet can not breathe while falling into the planet
  • I cant breathe HELP!!!
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