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Updated: 3/31/2020
Ecology Project Storyboard
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  • This is a quokka, and it lives onThe shores of southwestern Australia, or on Rottnest or Bald Island off the coast of Australia. Within these places, it lives in eucalyptus forests. They have also been known to reside in soaks, or watering holes, in the dry season.
  • The quokka is the prey of dingos and foxes. The foxes were introduced into an ecosystem they are not usually a part of, so it had a negative effect on the quokkas. On Rottnest island, however, there are no natural predators to the quokka.
  • Dingo
  • Fox
  • There are many different factors that influence the way the quokka lives. For example, quokkas feed at night, so daylight tells them when it is safe to go out and eat. Temperature also plays a role, because climate change is threatening to make the quokka's mainland habitat nonexistent.
  • Humans are also changing the quokka's habitat. Rottnest Island is a tourist hot-spot, but it also has the largest quokka population in the world. Many tourists flock to Rottnest Island to take selfies with the quokkas that live there. Buildings come, and now what was once a haven for wildlife is being destroyed.
  • But there may be benefits to these changes. Studies show that baby quokkas (called joeys) were more likely to survive in developed areas of the island, and less likely to in wild areas. The reason for this is that, like pigeons, quokkas can live off of scraps that humans drop. While it is illegal to directly feed the quokkas, experts say there is no harm striking a pose with them!
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