Updated: 2/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • How was your day at school ?
  • Today was a good day...My friend was going through a problem and wanted tao tell me about it
  • What did he say ?
  • He said he's going through a few problems in his life and didn't have anyone to talk to so he talked to me
  • He said his parents are always working and they're always busy...
  • That's a problem when he can't speak to his parents about his problems
  • Hey dad, so I had a problem at school about...
  • I've been fixing outside and I'm busy right now
  • hey mom so I wanted to tell you...
  • can you give me a moment I'm busy getting things ready for dinner right now
  • So then since he couldn't talk to them he spoke to me and I gave him some advice
  • That's good and remember you can always speak to me and your dad whenever you need to