My Brother Jacob My Hero By Aimee Rupe

Updated: 5/22/2020
My Brother Jacob My Hero By Aimee Rupe

Storyboard Text

  • My brother Jacob went to Southwest High School for two years. He was always in the "A" honor roll. He's so smart and kind. He helped taught other students in class.
  • My brother joined the Army right after he graduated from high school. He became special operations and he's a Ranger. He does all kinds of cool things. He works with computers too .
  • He got married to Paula and had two kids Emma and Mia. I became an aunt at age 6. My brother is always gone away for his duties but he always makes sure that he tells us he loves us all. I miss him everyday.
  • My brother Jacob is away on deployment. He is fighting for our rights and freedom. He has his own room where he over looks operations.
  • He jumps out of planes with a parachute and lands in the middle of nowhere. He says its a lot of fun. I think it is scary.
  • When my brother comes home, we will be so happy. I think we should have a barbecue and have the whole family there. And that is why my brother Jacob is my hero.