Updated: 5/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Church guy praying
  • I am Martin Luther
  • I am Henry VIII
  • John Calvin here
  • Martin Luther was almost struck by lightning so then he vowed to become a monk.
  • Rawrrr
  • Why should you guys define Christian practice!
  • The reformation was a 16th century European movement. It was aimed at the Roman Catholic church.
  • hehe
  • I agree with Martin!!!
  • Some of the people in the movement was Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Henry VIII.
  • I agree with the church!!
  • They questioned the church and their abilities.
  • Luther began to post his 95 theses on the church. The 95 theses stated his belief that humans will reach salvation for their faith and that the bible is the central religious authority.
  • 95 theses
  • The theses caused people siding with Luther and splitting up from the church.