Suleiman StoryBoard
Updated: 11/3/2020
Suleiman StoryBoard

Storyboard Text

  • Suleiman was bornNovember 6, 1494 in Trabzon
  • Oh MYYYYYYHe's so cute!!!!
  • In 1520 his dad died when Suleiman was 26 and was going to take his dads legacy as a Sultan and rule the Ottoman Empire.
  • They took over the Mediterranean sea and they started to expand even more!!
  • Suleiman and his army just lost a major battle and their first big loss.
  • The Europeans finally defeated the army and they were so happy to beat them and not get owned.
  • Suleiman made a single code of law and he also helped with the tax system, art, and helped build schools.
  • Suleiman died in 1566 and he was know for being such a great leader and was great in the gold age.