How to talk to a dog
Updated: 3/18/2020
How to  talk to a dog

Storyboard Text

  • Nate just got home from school and he has already had a bad day.
  • Hi Dad I can't wait to lay down and relax
  • Oh no
  • Nate!!! Go look at what sparky did to your room, this is your problem so clean it up!!!
  • Nate is yelling at the puppy expecting a reaction of respect and apology from Sparky. Nate has to clean up Sparky's mess and it is his fault because he was not there.
  • Sparky!STOP!
  • In this scene nate is imagining his dog cleaning everything up, but you can't teach a robot tricks and how to behave because it's a robot. Through this first experience he learns It is his dog and his responsibility..y
  • No I can't do this I love Sparky. This is on me.