Updated: 12/10/2019
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  • thats what yo get
  • whaaaaaaa
  • help meeeeee
  • hold on im coming
  • they have been doing great
  • this scene is when tennyson punched ozzy and broke his nose. he broke his nose and ozzy never messed with them again.
  • can i sit here
  • sure
  • cody was flying his kite when it got stuck on a power line so he climbed up but couldnt get down and was hanging on with only his hands. tennysone had to save him so he climbed up and risked his life for his little brother.
  • hes having a bad dream
  • she talks for a very short period of time about what is happening withcody and tennyson to herself in her room. ike everythings normal. this chapter was only 2 pages
  • i need him
  • after bruiser saves his little brother he was known as a hero in his school and everyone was a "bandwagon" which means they follow the popular people even is they hated them before.
  • bronte talks to brewster because she hears him crying and goes in and brewster says cody was having a bad dream but he was getting it and brothe was just comforting him through it.
  • tennyson plays his lacross game but doesnt score anything because his fake girlfriend / good luck charm wasnt there and then he finds her with ozzy at a coffee shop. then he wants brewster to come to his games now but that means he will take the pain but tennyson doesnt care so bruiser said he wont go
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