ela project
Updated: 1/20/2021
ela project

Storyboard Text

  • exposition
  • knock knock
  • conflict
  • knock knock your kids dead hes some money
  • rising action
  • i wish for 200 pounds
  • we start with meeting the Whites as they play chest in the polar of their house. When a man showed up at the door of the house. Mr. White got up to let them man in.
  • climax
  • herbert!!!!
  • where is he what happened
  • The man at the door was Sargent Major Morris. He came in and sat down. He started talking about his time in the military and were he was stationed. The he pulled out s monkeys paw. Which he said was magical. The paw was supposed to have three wishes. The Major wanted to burn it and get rid of the paw. He then attempted to burn the paw but Mr. White grabbed the paw from the fire. The Major warned them of what the paw could do. He then walked out to catch the train
  • Mr. White was thinking about what he should wish for when he decided on 200 pounds. He put the monkeys paw in his right hand and wished for the money.The monkey paw started to move like a snake in his hand. the money did not appear out of thin air instead Mr.Whites kid died and they received 200 pounds for composition.
  • Mrs. white was very sadden by her suns death. so she came up with the idea to use the monkeys paw to wish for her sun back. So she took the paw and wished, She ran to the window and looked out for hours when she heard a knock on the door. she ran to the door yelling Herbert. She got to the door and....
  • Mrs. white flung open the door. but before she could Mr. white used the paw to wish for who ever was at the door to go away. So when she opened the door nobody was there.
  • a cold breeze ran through the house and Mrs.white was standing out side with just a flickering street light.