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Updated: 10/29/2020
Unknown Story

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  • the pilgrims broke away from the church of England
  • They wanted get away so they got a charter 
  • We want to get away so can we have a charter to go to New York?!
  • Uhh... sure here you go we don't like you anyways
  • But they kinda needed someone to take them there.
  • can we use your boats to get to America?
  • yeah why not...
  • They did not like the way they were running things
  • They got the ships and now there on there way to america.
  • This is not where were supposed to be!
  • England had just got land from America and since they wanted to go to America they had to ask for a charter for permission.
  • They got into a bad storm and got off course 
  • This is NOT Godly.
  • so they got on two ships called the Mayflower and the Speedwell they were cargo ships not made for people.
  • They met the Indians and settled
  • I am Squanto and this is my wampanog tribe.
  • ON the way there the speedwell had an ''accident'' because he didn't want to go to america so they all had to get on one ship.
  • They were supposed to be in New York but the storm threw them off so they ended up in Plymouth but since they were very Godly they signed a contract to make it legal.
  • Its ok we just need to sign a contract.
  • When they got there they met these dark skinned people who were living there and knew how to get around so they helped especially Squanto who learned English. They had a very bad winter so the Native Americans helped them get through It.