For English Class
Updated: 11/24/2020
For English Class

Storyboard Text

  • When it comes to the consumption of any type of medium some are more affective than others, when it comes to important information. Something else that comes into play and contributes to that medium is genre, yes genre. Everything we read and watch has a genre to it.
  • The thing is when we see genre in literature and video we don't pay attention to the other significance of genre. This is where genre theory becomes present. Genre theory is if we a piece of medium in a social context it gives this narrative that it relates situations.
  • With that being said we transition over to the pieces of text we'll analyze and the type of genre they are and which type of medium. Also talk about their differences and which genre/medium is more effective in representing trauma, healing, and empowerment.
  • One of the medium we'll be looking at is a video, videos are a great medium in my opinion because in videos we can see and hear what we're watching and we can see the reactions to the topic being talked. The video is a interview with well known American Historian Ibram X Kedi. The video is titled "How to be an Antiracist".
  • Here he gets interviewed on racisms and how to be an antiracist. In the interview he states "We're engaged in this struggle...." (Kendi, 11:58) when he says "we're" he is specifically talking to the black community and by saying this probably induces trauma or empowers them by stating the amount of hardships they go through just based on their skin color. He also uses pathos in order to make his statements stick by using previous events that proves his points.
  • The next piece of medium is an essay/article called "Massacre of the Dreamers" by Ana Castillo. Here she writes about her own experiences as a Chicana and her hardships. Also Chicanas could relate to her hardships and causes them to feel empowered and remind them of possible traumatic experiences they had. This also shows pathos because readers may feel sympathy for Castillo.