Updated: 6/15/2021

Storyboard Text

  • We need to raise our taxes to be able to continue all our trade agreements.
  • As long as we can get the money we need we will succeed.
  • The peasants won't be able to pay their taxes. In the end we will have no money, our population will go down and we will be rebelled against.
  • Thank you your majesty, I will take good care of this land and help you when needed.
  • Because of your loyalty to our my family, I give you part of my land. But, in return you must give my family soldiers and weapons when we need it.
  • I understand mother I will always be loyal to the king or queen and the church.
  • You see my dear daughter, you must grow up and give you loyalty to the king or queen and the church. That is what you focus on and care about.