Pleasantville By Chazz
Updated: 6/5/2020
Pleasantville By Chazz
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  • Citizens of Pleasantville = Doves
  • Pleasantville
  • In Pleasantville, our mission is to keep our citizens safe, our town peaceful, our nature thriving, and most of all, our economy growing. It is our job to make it possible for any single person to have just as much of a chance at succeeding in life as anyone else does. We are proud to take in new citizens everyday and hope that they can find a new and refreshed life in Pleasantville
  • Law 1: There shall not be terror or crime set upon the town or citizens of Pleasantville. They are safe from the surrounding world and the terrorists that live in it. Punishment: If this law is to be broken or disobeyed, you shall be exiled out into the pacific ocean with nothing but a life raft. No oars.Law 2: Every citizen of Pleasantville has equal rights. (not the same as Harrison Bergeron). Punishment: If this law is to be broken or disobeyed, you shall be taken in an airplane thousands of feet into the sky, then dropped without a parachute. Law 3: Any person from the outside world that wishes to move to Pleasantville or visit must have a background check done as well as a purchased and signed pass. The pass must be signed by the person you are going to Pleasantville for.Punishment: If this law is to be broken or disobeyed, you shall be injected with heart stopping poison
  • Laser Wall
  • George Bergeron:Pleasantville Military General
  • Hazel Bergeron:Pleasantville Doctor and Surgeon
  •  Diana Moon Glampers:Queen of Pleasantville
  • Harrison Bergeron: Best Chef in Pleasantville
  • Chazz Pinchera:Kid Billionaire and owner of Chazz Industries which manufactures the weapons and defense system for Pleasantville.
  • Best Army in the World
  • Nuclear Missile 
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