Russian Revolution
Updated: 12/22/2019
Russian Revolution
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  • Let us talk to Czar Nicholas
  • October revolution, Lenin leads Russia to overthrow the Provisional government and made Russia communist.
  • Bloody Sunday, 500-1000 unarmed industrial workers and their families died
  • Please we just want more freedom.
  • And better working conditions.
  • Stay away!
  • Lets leave him here for a while so we can celebrate
  • Rasputain was shot and poisoned, this scene is right after he gets shot the first time.
  • February Revolution: Workers, Peasants, ect. rioted because of the terrible working conditions and food shortage. Czar Nicholas responded to this by dissolving the Duma.
  • There is no food!
  • Better working conditions!
  • STRIKE!!!
  • "All Power to the Soviets"
  • All power to the Soviets!!!!
  • Civil War, The Soviet Union created th Red Army they wanted to destroy anyone who didn't support the Soviet Union. The white Army were people who wanted to restore the monarchy. The white army was destroyed.
  • Please sir, we're starving
  • Red Terror, Those an enemy to the revolution police were permitted to execute or take into a prison camp with harsh conditions.
  • I haven't eaten in days
  • Shouldn't have doubted the Soviet Union.
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