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Updated: 1/28/2021
story bosrd plmuoth

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  • Plymouth
  • Massachusetts Bay
  • Rhode Island
  • The Separatists (Aka ) The Pilgrims, founded the Plymouth colony because of religious freedom, the Separatists arrived in Plymouth when it was a cold winter many of the Separatists died
  • Connecticut
  • The puritans wanted to make changes to the Church of England, so puritans headed for Massachusetts Bay . A lot of cummity dections were made by town hall meetings .
  • New Hampshire
  • Roger Willams and Anne Hutchinson were Very important peopl on Rhode Island .For example Anne Hutchinson had been holding meetings in her home.
  • Native Americans. and the pillgrams
  • Reverend Thomas Hooker, was the founder of Connecticut he began looking for land because he needed usable farmland arose. And began to look for other opportunities to practice religious freedom .
  • David Thomson started the first settlement. in the northern area of New Hemisphere because the Puritans way forced others to seek relief
  • The native american and the pilgrims didn't not have a good relationship at first because The pilgrims stole the deposits of corn seed and taking more land , but after a while they started to help each other ,finally the Pllgrams invated the Native Amercians to a feast and settled down.