Updated: 2/16/2020

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  • Ohh this is bad! you should tell to our teacher
  • Hey guys! Help me. I dont know what to do. Jeff, said something bad of me and posted it online. what should i do?
  • Ohh Gosssh!1
  • Okay, give me a time. i'll talk to jeff
  • Thank you ma'am....
  • Ma'am, please tell jef that stop bullying me...
  • Jeff, is it true that you bully steve in social media, that you said some harsh words ?
  • But you hurt the feelings of Steve.
  • But, that's the truth ma'am.
  • You should take back what you said and delete it online.
  • You know, you can be imprisoned because of that?
  • That's Good to hear...
  • Really? I'll take back everything and ask him personally to forgive me.
  • I'm hoping that you will forgive me for everything...
  • I'm so sorry steve for what i've done. I already deleted all my posts.
  • Ohhh... Really? i'm so Happy!Sure...
  • Okay. If anyone Bully you again, Tell to me okay?
  • YEs ma'am!
  • Thank you ma'am!I can sleep peacefully now.