Updated: 3/5/2021

Storyboard Text

  • medium shot
  • Over Shoulder Shot
  • Long shot
  • dribbling the ball down the court to run play and they are tied at 36 to 36
  • Medium close up shot
  • it's 30.8 seconds left to run the play before the second half, they chose to run a quick play
  • extreme long shot
  • two them are screen the close person next to them so that the last person that not guarding nobody has to run all way across the court to guard the person shooting but he missed the shot so now its time to go to locker room
  • medium Long shot
  • their listening to the coach's game plan but they were telling jay to get ready to shoot the open shot so they could when the game.
  • trey goes to the locker to get his sports drinks that help him with his game, Jay asks can he have some.
  • they come out second half and jay dribbles the back to medium court and shoots the three to when the game.