Social Forces at Work Graphic Story- The Lower Class Uprising part 2
Updated: 12/17/2020
Social Forces at Work Graphic Story- The Lower Class Uprising part 2

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  • The Flight to Varennes occurred on the night of July 20th in 1791. What happened, was the Royal family was trying to escape from Paris and head out from their forced stay in their house. They made it out of Paris. Then, they were caught and recognized in Varennes. The key piece in this event was after the news spread, the revolutionaries were upset and furious with King Louis XVI and lost trust in him and the monarchy (royals). They did not like that the royal family was planning a counter attack.
  • This might seem extreme, but there was a major massacre of the high class in September. It is called the September Massacre. Prisoners in the jails were killed, not just nobles and mercenaries. This was put on by the sans culottes, a group of radical revolutionaries that where of the lower classes.
  • Louis XVI and his other royal family members, who survived the massacres, were a hot topic of debate amongst the peasants. There were political debate clubs, where peasants would discuss their nation. By now, Louis XVI and a small amount of members of the high class were awaiting their trials and executions. All were sent to the guillotine at one point. Louis XVI was put on trial in December of 1792 and killed in January, 1793.
  • Louis XVI gets executed
  • A lot of executions took place between 1792 and 1794. The Reign of Terror was conveyed by the Jacobins and other revolutionaries. Thousands more were killed. During the Reign of Terror, Robespierre, President of the National Convention, led his group to make those executions from 1793-1794 (above illustrates him ordering the affair). The Reign of Terror ended up being too much for the French to handle. In the end, others took down Robespierre and dissolved his powers. He was executed in Year II of the Reign of Terror. With him dead, the Thermidorian Reaction occurred.
  • (The ordering of) The Reign of Terror
  • After The Thermidorian Reaction, France fell into a Conservative phase. A man named Napoleon Bonaparte became the dictator and leader over France.In conclusion, the revolution, in my opinion, was necessary and the peasants were the main pull and the ones who called for the revolution, since they were irritated with the Old Regime. France's problems were being fixed one by one, and Napoleon was the best person for leading France into the future, strategically. He had support of the people that are the backbone of French society, the working class.
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