Chapter 5

Updated: 9/26/2021
Chapter 5

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  • What? Why haven't you told me about this yet?
  • SLAM!
  • Because you don't ever let me talk!
  • Oh, so now it's MY fault! Well I'm sorry that all you could do for the past few weeks is cry and be sad!
  • Of course, I'm gonna cry and be sad! My mother-in-law just died!
  • Really? You feel sad that she died? It's her fault that our son started smoking!
  • He is a TEENAGER! What do you expect from him? Be a saint?
  • I'm NOT saying he needs to be a saint, I'm saying that his grandmother should be a little more responsible!
  • Give the woman a rest! She's already dead and here you are blaming her for everything!
  • I'll call you later! I'm gonna and get changed!
  • Are you saying that I'm a bad MOTHER?!
  • They're arguing again...
  • If the shoe fits then YES! You are a BAD MOTHER! Blaming everyone but yourself and stop twisting my words!
  • Maybe I should go out tomorrow...
  • If our son gets sick, it's on YOU!
  • You are so difficult to talk with, I'm- you know what? I'm gonna go, I can't stay here.