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Updated: 12/12/2020
Comic strip

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  • "A Student's Life"
  • Should I rest? 
  • No! I should finish my requirements! There could be more tomorrow.
  • Ahhh! I can’t really do this! I’ve been sitting in this chair whole day doing all my requirements!
  • I still can’t understand this!
  • I'm tired!
  • Hey Lily! Are you okay? Darling, you should rest.
  • Okay, honey. Goodnight! Sleep now, take some rest and don’t forget to pray .
  • Yes, mom! Goodnight!
  • Yes, mom. I'm okay. I'm just a little tired.
  • After her mom leaves, she continue finishing her requirements amidst her exhaustion.
  • .
  • After finishing all her remaining works...
  • Almighty father, thank you for today. Thank you for the blessings I have received and thank you for protecting me and my family everyday. Lord, I am struggling. I am tired and I am vulnerable.
  • Lord, sorry for not having enough time with you. Sorry for focusing on these problems that I have rather than in your power and love. Sorry for the times that I taught of giving up instead of trusting you. I know Lord that you will never leave me. Your love is greater than all of these and you have plans for me. I pray this in Jesus name, Amen.
  • After praying, she laid down on her bed having a smile and a light heart.
  • The end
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