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Updated: 10/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Are you sick of your amazing, fun, healthy, and happy forager lifestyle? Try agriculture!
  • With agriculture, you can change this wasteland of vulgar monstrosity...
  • More Workers
  • Now, lets compare how much better of we are after agriculture.
  • Into a lush beauty of food, blank farmland, capitalism, and the exploitation of the working class. It's quite simple! Have all of the farmers get our food for us all day, have them give us the food for us to sell, and we give them much less than a 100,000,000,000th of our profit!
  • More Food
  • More Money
  • look at these FOOLS dying of hypothermia! lol, couldn't be me, couldn't be me. We don't do that nowadays! We only die to the Bubonic Plaque.
  • I hope this talk has convinced you, anyway, I bid you adieu.