Dialogue in reported speech

Updated: 7/29/2020
Dialogue in reported speech

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Catalina Martínez Velilla 9D

Storyboard Text

  • The doctor said that social distancing had changed life for all of us, including teens.He said that he would listen some questions of the teenagers and gave them some answers.
  • - The girl said that she and her friend had been social distancing for two weeks and they felt fine.- The girl asked to the doctor why she couldn´t go to Emma´s house (her friend) and watch a movie if they did not touch each other.+ The doctor replied that she could have a mild case of Covid-19 and did not know it, he also said that if she went to Emma´s house she would touch things and risked infecting her family and someone might got really sick.+ The doctor said that she could go for a walk or use video chat so she could see Emma.
  • - The kid said that he ran cross-country and his lungs were really strong.- He said to the doctor he was not gonna get sick.+ The doctor said that it was wonderful to be in great shape, that we had heard that Covid-19 mainly affects older people and people with chronic conditions.+ The doctor told him that unfurtunately a number of healthy young people had been infected and become very ill too.+ He also said that we needed to take Coronavirus seriously, and that social distancing protected me and other people.
  • - The girl told to the doctor that she read that millions of people were gonna get the Coronavirus by the time it was all over.- She said that if we were all going to get it anyways, then why she could not see her friends in that moment.+ The doctor replied her that many people might wind up getting Coronavirus, that some of them including teens, would need to stay in hospitals.+ He told her that some health providers did not have enough supplies or beds to care of of them, also he said that it was hard to predict who would have a serious case of Covid-19.
  • - The guy said that he did not see anybody around him with the virus, that he just wanted to play basketball with his friends, so he asked what the problem was.+ The doctor told him that playing basketball involved close contact between people.+ That if one player was infected even without having symptoms he could call for sneeze and spread infected droplets through the air, that the player could touch the ball and contaminated it.+ He also told him that if a friend touched his the ball and then touched his face he could get infected.
  • The doctor said that tie virus spreaded easily, and as we could see the cycle might continue.He said that one of our friends could unknowingly pass the infection to someone less able to fought it.