Moe's Cafe 2

Updated: 6/19/2020
Moe's Cafe 2

Storyboard Text

  • Ahh! Why do you need to break down in the middle of the road?
  • Wow! This is totally not what I expected. It's so dirty, I don't really want to have lunch here but I have no other choice.
  • Hi.... I'm Blanche. What would you like?
  • Um... can I please have a hamburger and cup of Sprite?
  • I should write something down for my job, maybe I should ask the man by the counter.
  • As Alex was driving to Florida, out of no where her car decided to break down in the middle of the road. As she is frustrated, she see's a gas station near by. The man told her they will fix her car while she can enjoy a lunch at the Moe's Cafe at the gas station.
  • Hey.. Moe.. Can you please tell me about your cafe history?
  • So, there isn't a lot but this cafe is here for about 115 years. It got past from my grand grand father, to my grand father, to my father, and to ,me. It's like a tradition.
  • As Alex walks into the cafe, she notices that it's totally not what she expected. The whole cafe was dirty, it had bugs, rats, a big brown spill, and lonely dog sitting by all the garbage.
  • Wait.. That's a familiar voice, is that Mary!!
  • OMG! Alex, is that you?!!!
  • As Alex heads to the booth, a really skinny women named Blanche and looking grumpy, comes with the menu. Alex tells her her order and Blanche walks away with no more discussion.
  • So how's your life going?
  • Florida, here we come!!!
  • Good! I became a journalist, and now I'm heading to Florida for my job as well!
  • Alex knows that her car will take a while to be fixed and she still needs to continue working, so she goes and talks to Moe about the history of the cafe. After talking to Moe, she gets a lot of interesting information that is wonderful for a journalist.
  • As Alex get's back to her booth to wait for her food, she hears a familiar voice. As she turns around, she notices that it's her long lost sister Mary.
  • After a little talk with Mary, Alex finds out their both heading to Florida, so Alex gives Mary an option if she wants to come with her or go alone. And of course, they head together to Florida!