Moes cafe
Updated: 6/12/2020
Moes cafe
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  • I should probably stop by and get some lunch. I'm super hungry!
  • Come eat in the best Moe Cafe in town.
  • Hey. I'm Elizabeth, I have heard that this is the best cafe in a town.!
  • I'm Moe, and this is my wife Blanche. Nice to meet you, ad have you here!
  • Please enjoy your stay! Here's a booth for you!
  • Can I please get a Sprite, hamburger, and fries.... Wait, what's wrong?
  • You see, me and Moe are getting really old, and we can't take care of the cafe. And I don't want to sell it, I dont know what to do.
  • Are those your sketches?
  • As Elizabeth was driving on the highway, she saw a bill board that said that near by there was a best cafe in town. Since she was pretty hungry, she decided to stop by and have some lunch before continuing her ride.
  • Their really good!
  • Thank you! I have to do for my job, my boss had asked me to make a design for a restaurant or cafe.
  • Elizabeth enters the cafe that looks pretty descend from the outside, and she meets this lovely pair that are so sweet and welcoming into their cafe!
  • I wish our cafe can look like your sketches. But it will never be, we are to old.
  • I have an idea!
  • As Blanche was taking Elizabeth order, Elizabeth notices that there's something wrong with Blanche and she is feeling sad. So, Elizabeth asks her whats wrong to try to make her feel better.
  • This place is beautiful! Can't wait for Blanche and Moe to come and say what they think!
  • While Elizabeth was waiting for food, while sketching out a cafe design for her job that her boss has asked her. But the wind blew down the sketches, and while Blanche was walking by, she fell in love with them.
  • After looking at the sketches that Blanche fell in love with, she tells that Elizabeth that she wishes that their cafe could look like that. After that, Blanche walks away but Elizabeth feels bad so she has a idea.
  • Much Later....Eventually Elizabeth had brought the cafe from Blanche and Moe, and she created it into the same sketch that she had drown before. Even though now Elizabeth is the owner, Blanche and Moe always come and help!
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