Science Project 2 (first 3 scenes)
Updated: 12/17/2020
Science Project 2 (first 3 scenes)

Storyboard Text

  • It was a hot summer day, and Elliot and Ava were on their way to their gramma’s house for the weekend before Elliot’s birthday.
  • Sorry, who are you sweetie?
  • Oh, how could I forget! Come in, let's have a seat.
  • Grandma, we are your grandkids. Me, Ava, and Elliot.
  • Guess what is coming up?
  • Sorry sweetie, please remind me. I had forgotten.
  • Elliot don't be rude. Grandma might be forgetting some things, no reason to be rude.
  • How could you forget! My birthday is in 5 days!
  • I'm sorry, we can make a cake if you want for your birthday!
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