Great Depression
Updated: 3/11/2020
Great Depression

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  • What is this Place, Hooverville?
  • They definitely don't have any public works here!
  • What else could we fix up in this town
  • Im thankful for the new deal with these roads
  • Wow, she's really radical.
  • I like what has been changed to this place
  • I wish I had social welfare to help around here
  • This is not a test the Black Buzzard is coming seek housing
  • It's really dusty out here
  • I hope they aren't breadline.
  • I think there's a depopulation
  • Just be glad there's no desertification on our land
  • Some of these people may be getting social security to take care of their family
  • It's sad to see people getting evicted from their homes