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Updated: 3/4/2019
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  • My dad got his thumb chopped off so he couldn´t be a voyageur and I had to take his place.I had to leave behind everything so my family could survive.
  • I set off on my fur trading journey to help my family survive.I've figuring out that the journey is not only physically challenging but also mentally challenging.I feel very homesick and wish I was still in school.I now gets called grandpa in my brigade and get along with everyone.
  • When I first saw the rapids I was worried,then my brigade started shouting around me because of the rapids.The bowman assured that I'll be fine that I will finally get a a break from paddling.So then I waited till we went on the rapids.We made it to the rapids and it was nothing like I thought it would be! We almost tipped 3 times, and we didn't row at all. It was like deadly rollercoaster!
  • As we passed lake Huron I was getting nervous from the stories I've heard about the storms of Lake Superior.We finally reached Lake Superior I was getting nervous because I thought I saw a storm rolling in.The worst part about it was the water when I dipped my hand in it was cold for the rest of the day.We made our way along the shoreline because we didn't want to risk anything.We made it across without trouble even though we did almost fall in
  • After crossing Lake Superior we finally made it to the Grand Portage. I was so excited, but when I saw it for the first time I was disapointed because it was just a couple wigwams and a trading post.Then I when I went to the banquet I was suprised by how lively it was there. I never saw the Grand Portage with a disapointed look on my face again.
  • I decided to winter over and help issue the debts owed to the company. Although it seems like a good idea it wasn't,the work wasn't that bad but it was the boredom that was the worst. It felt like I was all alone and I had nowhere to go.This was the downsides of wintering over.The only thing I could think about was the amazing journey that I was on before this.How wonderful it was with all those people.
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