Updated: 2/14/2020
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  • In this scene, Clovis (played by Thanos) has won a battle and is now converting to Christianity. He's getting holy oil poured onto him by the priest and is becomes the first Frankish king to accept Christianity.
  • In this scene, Charles Martel "The Hammer" (played by Lebron James) is in the middle of The Battle of the Tours. The Arab army is trying to invade the lands of the Frankish kingdom, however Charles Martel is holding their army off by using a strategic strategy. The effect of this was that the Franks defeated the Arab army. 
  • In this scene, Pepin "The Short" (played by Tom Cruise) has removed the king and started a new line of kings, or dynasties. The two people next to him are the Pope and a noble who helped remove the king.
  • In this scene, Charles the Great“Charlemagne” (played by Tom Hardy) is forcing people to become Christian or die. He'd do this when he conquered the land, and the people on the land had to become Christian otherwise they would be killed.
  • In this scene, Roland (played by Jimmy Steward) is fighting off invaders as he tries to call the rest his army to stop going any further. In the end, he's able to fight the invaders off long enough for his army to get their but it in the end, he scarifies himself to save his army.
  • In this scene, Louis the Pious (played by Adam Shankman) made the decision that he will put his three sons in charge of the kingdom. When his 3 sons were put in charge, they were constantly arguing and couldn't agree on anything. They decided to split the kingdom into three separate ones.
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